Sapphire Core and Bulk Material

Sapphire core and bulk material is typically used as blank material for future fabrication. Rubicon offers optical grade sapphire cores and boules, including UV and IR grade. Orientation offsets and flats are available upon request.  Core and bulk material are supplied with surfaces “As Cored” or “Fine Ground” to maximize customer flexibility in final processing. 
Patented in-situ orientation technology used throughout fabrication provides greater accuracy and eliminates process steps.  All diameters and crystal orientations from the same bulk crystal allowing for rapid response to changes in market demand and minimal inventory risk.
Dome Cores and Rugged Components R&D, Optical Fabrication
Boules and Slabs Sapphire Optical Finishers
Bulk Shapes of Various Sizes R&D, Optical Fabrication
Ingots and Crackle Crystal Growth, and Coating Industries