Large Area Sapphire Windows and Blanks

For applications in defense, aerospace, space, optics and semiconductor processing, Rubicon provides the largest area sapphire in the world at up to 36” x 18” x 1.5” thick windows available.  We also provide a-plane rounds up to 18” in diameter, and c-plane rounds up to 12” in diameter.  
Rubicon LANCE sapphire slabs provide higher quality crystal than other net shape techniques and allow for much larger and thicker windows than any other sapphire technology.  All the high quality benefits of our smaller sapphire crystals are available in our large area sapphire, providing customers with high performance, cost effective solutions for new applications that have never been able to utilize sapphire before.
Electro-Optics Systems Windows Defense and Aerospace
Hypersonic Windows Defense and Aerospace
Transparent Armor Systems Defense and Commercial Transportation
Heater windows and Rings Semiconductor Equipment
High Temp Optical Rods Industrial Pyrometry Systems
Helicopter, UAV, Aircraft and Deep Sea IR Sensor Windows Defense
Lenses and Optics Space, Aerospace, R&D