Optical Windows and Blanks

In optical applications ranging from Defense and Aerospace to Sensors and Instrumentation to Medical Devices and Optics, Rubicon provides a full range of sapphire windows and blanks with superior optical quality in sizes from 10 mm to 350 mm dimensions in all planes and thicknesses.  
Rubicon’s optical windows offer excellent transmission from UV through IR wavelengths, have the lowest inclusions and metallic elements for highest purity, and ES2 sapphire has the lowest defect density with very low scatter.   All shapes and sizes of windows and blanks are available with short lead times and competitive prices.
Sensor and Detector Windows
Industrial Fire Systems, Oil and Gas, Analytical Instrumentation
Laser Windows
Medical Systems, Industrial, Defense
Semiconductor Equipment, Hi Temperature Industrial and Chemicals
FLIR and Electro-Optics Windows
Aerospace, Defense Aircraft and Ships, Space Systems
Lenses, Optics and Domes
Medical, Defense, Electronic Devices, Aerospace Systems, R&D
Pressure windows
Sea Systems, Defense, Oil and Gas, Industrial Systems