Ultra Thin Polished Optical Windows and Substrates

Rubicon Technology now offers ultra-thin single-side or double-side polished optical grade sapphire windows and wafers as thin as 200 microns, with excellent tolerances for flatness, surface finish and dimensions.  Our unique ability to provide high-volume, high-performance, very thin sapphire parts cost effectively enables our customers to utilize sapphire for many new products not possible previously.  
Applications utilizing Rubicon ultra-thin polished parts include consumer electronics devices, semiconductor components, medical devices, specialty lighting, analytical processing and quantum computing.
Cover screens Mobile Electonics
Thin lenses Augmented, Virtual Reality, and Specialty Lighting
Pressure Sensor/Capacitors Oil, Gas and Chemical
Pedestal covers Seminconductor Equipment
Capacitors for Energy Storage Defense and Commercial Power
Electronics substrates

Medical Devices, Cellular Devices and
Base Stations, Space, Aerospace